How to Maintain Your Lovely Artificial Grass Lawn

Artificial grass is a synthetic surface of various synthetic fibres woven into a pattern to resemble natural grass. It is most commonly used in sporting arenas where usually or traditionally played on natural grass. But nowadays, it has been used on many commercial and residential applications. It can be seen all over the country now even in golf courses and public sports ground. Even though it’s been used as a sports ground for many years, its new application of artificial grass has changed the landscaping landscape.

With the advent of computers and sophisticated design software, artificial grass in artificial grass by Gold Coast has improved a lot. Before, the blades for artificial turf were made manually. It takes a lot of time, effort and investment since it needs to be cut and re-cut. These factors affect the overall price of artificial grass blades.

With the help of automated tools now available in the market, you can cut the blades of your artificial grass with just a click of your mouse. With the help of a turf designer tool, you can determine the number of strands needed for your lawn and then you can get the right blade length to suit your lawn. Another advantage with using a turf designer tool is that it will help you make the right cut for your turf. The length of the strands that will go for your blades must be a little longer than the width of the blades. An example is that if you want to make a six-foot-wide blade, you need to use a length of yarn of at least nine feet.


For better and more reliable results, you need to cut the blades in a straight line and then you should also take care of the thatch layer. If the thatch layer becomes damaged, the blades won’t work properly. The thatch layer is made of polyethylene fibres. You can identify the damaged fibres by looking at the edge of the blade – the thicker the thatch layer, the thicker the polyethylene fibres are.

It is very important to maintain your artificial turf after installation. The materials used for making artificial grass are treated with water and detergents for protection. You also have to wash them regularly with warm soapy water. Even though washing the blades and thatch layer is easy, keeping the soil moist in your garden is much more difficult. Artificial grass by Gold Coast recommend that you cover the surface area of your artificial turf at least four times during the year. This helps to conserve moisture, keeps the growth of fungus under control, prevents soil erosion, and increases your artificial grass’s life.

If you plan to install it on a lawn of at least three acres, you should follow these tips. By following all these tips, you will not face any difficulty maintaining your beautiful artificial grass lawn. Remember, if you do not maintain it properly, you may end up spending more than what you had originally paid for your new landscape!