The Advantages of Ducted Gas Heating & Cooling Systems


Ducted Gas Heating and cooling are one of the most popular HVAC systems used by residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Its efficiency in providing both heat and cool air inside a home, office or facility is next to none. But what features do ducted gas heating & cooling systems have that make it a must-have for most Aussie consumers? Let’s find out as we discuss the four advantages of ducted gas systems:

Efficient Heating and Cooling for Your Entire Home

Ducted Gas Heating & CoolingDucted gas heating and cooling systems are designed to provide heat and cool air to every room in your house. They produce and distribute the air through ducts and vents in either the floor or ceiling. That means you won’t experience inconsistencies with the temperature that you set for a particular part of your house. While it can heat and cool multiple rooms, the central control unit lets you adjust the temperature so that each room gets what it needs.

High Efficiency in Any Weather

Reverse cycle air conditioners tend to lose its efficiency once the temperature drops to negative or the heat rises to above 40 degrees. Ducted gas heating & cooling systems, on the other hand, remain unaffected. No matter how hot or cold it gets, it will perform the same way. Its consistent performance lets you save energy and reduce your monthly bills, all while ensuring that your home stays cozy in any season.

Energy-saving Zoning Capabilities

Gas HVAC systems can segregate your house into zones, allowing you to heat or cool multiple different rooms at different times to suit every home member’s needs. It also allows you to heat or cool the rooms that are being occupied, therefore saving you money in the process. Some systems also feature a timer, which you can use to programme the heating or cooling to be switched on or off in different rooms without you having to think about it.

Less Irritation

Finally, the hot or cold air that’s blown inside your home via gas heating systems tends to be fresh and moist. That means it won’t cause any irritating throat, eyes, or skin. Thus, the air produced by gas heating systems tends to be more comfortable.

Ducted gas heating & cooling systems are useful for any season throughout the year. It’s an all-in-one device that provides you home with the environment it needs to be comfortable. Invest in ducted gas heating and cooling systems today. Call out hotline now to get a special promo offer.