What You Should Know About Sanding And Polishing Your Timber Floors

The floor sanding and polishing Adelaide process starts with a bang. First, all loose nails from the tongue and groove boards are punched out below the floorboard’s wooden surface. If the wood floor already has an existing finish, a coarse sandpaper grade is used first to prepare the floor for the polishing. After the rough sandpaper is applied and dried off, the polishing process begins. The floor is first sprayed with a clear wood preservative solution or a wood protector to prevent any water that may damage the wood during the polishing process. Discover more by clicking this link.

Floor Sanding and Polishing AdelaideWhen using a wood floors refinishing solution, ensure that the answer is completely dissolved before use. A good quality timber floor sanding and polishing solution should be able to penetrate the wood and make it shine like new. It also needs to have a high degree of solvents resistance and be non-toxic. When using a timber floor sanding solution, the floor is first prepared by priming it and then spraying it with the finishing solution.

Once both primings have been done, it is time for the flooring to be re-primed once more to remove any surplus dirt or dust that might have remained after applying the preservative. It is essential to clean the floors thoroughly before re-priming them. The cleaning should include the areas where the wood is installed and the areas under the timber floor. For cleanliness, make sure that the floor is swept to remove any grit or dirt. Discover more by clicking this link.

During the actual sanding and polishing process, the floor is subject to several factors. First, any pre-existing scratches will need to be worked out before beginning the actual sanding process. Secondly, the floor is likely to receive light to moderate rubbing action from the sander. While this action intends to enhance the flooring’s sheen, it may leave small scratches in areas not attended. Even though this may not always be visible to the naked eye, it can negatively impact your wooden floor’s overall appearance.

Polishing After the sanding has been performed, it is essential to apply the finishing sealer. Many good quality floor polishes are available in the market today that provide excellent protection to the timber floors against wear and tear. Before the sanding and polishing process is complete, all loose ends are tightly bound by placing a rubber band around the joint. Before the finish application, the furniture should be thoroughly cleaned. Any cracks or gouges in the floor sanding and polishing Adelaide process should be addressed to ensure that the floor is protected from further damage. Discover more by clicking this link.

If you are planning to re-paint your old furniture, then the option of using a timber floor polish will allow you to achieve that beautiful sheen without the need to spend so much money as to have it refinished. Floor sanding and polishing are a very time-consuming process but an essential one for protecting the timber floors you have. The results will speak for themselves once the house is decorated beautifully using a beautiful floor sanding and polishing product.