Learning the Signs That Your Kid Needs New Shoes

A shoe that can last forever is what all parents want to give to their children. However, we all know that it is impossible to happen. The need for a new pair of Kids shoes Perth is a reality you must embrace since kids will grow.

Continue reading this if you wish to learn about the signs that it is already time to purchase a new pair.

  1. The feet have grown.

Kids shoes PerthAn apparent sign that your child already needs a new pair of footwear is when they already outgrow their shoes. As adults, it’s difficult for us to stand up when we wear a shoe that is wrong fitted, but younger children seem to be unbothered by this kind of situations.  It is because of the nerve endings in kids’ feet that haven’t fully develop yet until they reach five years old. They can’t feel the pressure which tells them they have muddled up both of their feet.

Also, most of the time, your young ones may not tell you that their shoes are already tight. Thus, don’t hesitate to use a sizing guide to work out the best size for them or bring your child to fit in a store.  Ensure to keep tabs on their foot growth once you have got a new pair. Take note that in a matter of months; your child’s foot can go up.

  1. You see holes in the soles.

The shoe’s weight is a factor that you must check as well. When you feel that it is quite heavier, it could be the reason behind its damage. When kids wear heavy shoes, they will eventually create holes through its rubbers as they will tend to drag it along the ground.

No doubt, you will sooner need to buy a new pair to replace your Kids shoes Perth that already has holes in the soles. If you don’t want to make your child’s feet vulnerable to environmental elements like water seeping into the shoe, don’t let your child keep on wearing it. Don’t allow them to wear shoes which no longer protect their feet against stone and glass that may be present in the ground. Thus, look for shoes that are lightweight, flexible and features durable soles when shopping for a new pair.

  1. There is a worn-out lining.

Kids must wear their correct size of shoes due to many reasons. One of them is the worn lining which is commonly noticeable in the heel inner. The cause behind it is the ill-fitting shoes that are quite bigger than the actual size of the child’s foot.

To save money, most parents opt to buy way bigger shoes for their child, which is significantly wrong. Whether you like it or not, kids will outgrow their shoes too quickly. Buying too big shoes for them will not only damage the lining of the footwear, but your child’s feet will also acquire blisters. Therefore, if you want to prevent such damage, get your child expertly fitted into a new pair of kids’ shoes.