Types of Kitchen Layouts

There are so many different styles of kitchens that it can be confusing to decide which one is right for you. These are modern and traditional kitchens. These styles are usually on either two extremes of the kitchen spectrum, with noticeable similarities that slightly overlap. While there are always some similarities, they are often highlighted in slightly different ways. Your choice in style should depend on how much money and effort you’re willing to put into your kitchen remodel.

The Frankfurt-style kitchen, as one example, is designed around two main ideas. The first is the notion of a “work triangle”. This idea is very similar to the California kitchen design, where a working table forms the triangle’s central point. This is used in both the Frankfurt and San Francisco styles and has become a popular option for many people looking to have their kitchens done well.

The second idea that is common in Frankfurt kitchens is a bar-like atmosphere. Many families have bars that they use as their home bar, often with countertops similar or even identical to the ones found in these kitchens. The concept here is for every homeowner to have their own personal “mini-bar” in the kitchen, complete with stools, a refrigerator, and perhaps a tiny oven. These bars can fit nicely underneath counters and help draw out the more personal aspect of a new kitchen design while also providing extra storage options and places to cook. Barstools can also serve drinks to your guests if you don’t have a dedicated cooking area.

The Galley kitchen is another prominent style frequently used in cooking schools and homes around the country. The Galley style is all about movement, and table space is at a minimum. A galley design will place the food preparation area next to the stove, giving you easier access to pots, pans, and other cooking utensils without taking up too much valuable kitchen space. However, galley kitchens can also have a high ceiling, and these are perfect for large families or entertaining.

One more familiar style of kitchens Adelaide includes the combination of freestanding and semi-open kitchens. This type of kitchen allows the user to have a full view of their food preparation area while also having enough space to move around within the room. Semi-open kitchens allow the user to have a more intimate feel without sacrificing much food preparation space. This type of kitchen style is ideal for apartments or smaller spaces, though it does tend to bring the problem of air conditioning and heating into play as well.

The last primary style that we’re going to discuss here is the Upright/ upright cooktop. Uprights are the most common choice for restaurants, as they give the chef plenty of visibility and functionality. The downside to an upright is that it does take up quite a bit more kitchen counter space than most cabinets or storage areas do. Uprights are also limited in that they cannot be used with stovetops, limiting the types of foods cooked in them. Overall though, upright/upright cooktops are best for restaurants and smaller cooking spaces.

The final style that we’re going to discuss today is the eclectic style of the kitchen. Mix kitchens combine the two previous styles’ functionality and are most commonly seen in larger residential kitchens. Mix kitchens tend to have a more considerable amount of cabinet space and are great for any number of uses, including food preparation, prep, and clean-up.