Things You Must Know to Pass WA’s Learner’s Test

The driver’s exam is a series of tests that you need to take to get your license. You’ll have the chance to go through both theory and practical driving exams before being allowed on the roads alone.

What are some things you should know if you want to keep the process straightforward? First, you must learn everything about the learners test WA and practical driving exam if you’re getting a license in WA. Theory tests are given in math, geometry, road signs, and road rules, among other subjects. Practical exams consist of parking lot manoeuvres such as parallel parking along with being on public roads following traffic laws while making left-hand turns without causing an accident


The Department of Transport provides several practice tests that simulate the real test for you. These practice tests are structured like the actual test and consist of 30 multiple choice questions with three options to get a feel on what kind of questions will be asked. The structure also mimics the actual test. This would be good preparation before taking the actual exam itself.

When it comes to the learners test WA, there is not much room to make mistakes. If you get any incorrect answers, even if they are on questions that were hard for you or out-of-the-ordinary, then your effort will have been in vain. All that studying would be lost because, with only seven wrong guesses allowed, there’s just barely enough time left to go over them again before taking the final exam.

If you fail the test, don’t feel too bad. There are plenty of opportunities to get back on track and take your next try at it. To make sure that this time goes smoother for you, though, why not use today as a chance to review what went wrong? You could spend some extra time working with practice tests in between studying. These practice learner’s tests are conveniently available online and are given free. You just have to put in the effort and dedication to go over the practise tests as frequently as possible. 

To pass the learner’s test means progressing to the next step, which is a practical driving exam. But there are no shortcuts.

To be eligible for taking your driver’s license examination, you first need to obtain an instruction permit by passing both written and on-road tests. Passing these exams doesn’t mean that you’re going around it but instead will allow you to go through with this final hurdle of obtaining your drivers’ license if all other requirements have also been met during their time as novice motorists.

As the exam day nears, be sure to arm yourself with confidence and a positive state of mind. You won’t retain what you’ve learned if you’re not confident or if something is distracting you.