TENS Products – Why Would You Want a TENS Device?

One of the most popular ways to reduce neck pain is using a TENS device, a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator. Although this technology has been around for decades, there are still many people who have no idea the advantages and disadvantages of this type of therapeutic device. If you are like most people today, then the chances are good that you may not be aware of the different pros and cons of using a TENS machine in your daily life. There are many benefits and a few cons associated with using this medical device, but overall it appears that TENS machines can be very useful to certain patients and doctors.

To understand how a TENS device works, it will be necessary to fully understand how the body feels after an injury or illness. For example, most people who have undergone skin grafts and other procedures feel a sharp sensation in their necks and extremities. This sharp sensation is actually because the tissues and cells in the area of the injury or illness have experienced damage. The damage that has occurred has caused the cells and tissue to swell and become stiff.

The effects that a TENS unit can have on an acute patient can help illustrate why this type of therapy has become so widely popular over the years. With the application of electrodes, the patient will typically notice an immediate improvement in their pain levels. In addition, by relaxing the muscles and releasing the tension that holds them in place, patients can experience relief from chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. These improvements also make it easier for people to resume normal activities sooner.

Although the number of individuals who utilize a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation machine for pain relief is increasing, a significant number of people are not aware of the many benefits they offer. In addition, many people are surprised to find that this technology provides pain relief when it is most needed. As a result, many sufferers will only use this device on an irregular basis, but those who need continuous relief will invest in a larger model that is more powerful.

When looking for TENS machines, you will want to research both the available types and brands. Shealy TENS units are the most commonly recommended by doctors and physical therapists. These units are made from high-density plastic that is lightweight and durable. This device can provide up to six hours of pain relief and can also be used to control muscle spasms, migraines, and other conditions. If you suffer from a condition that requires intense pain relief, you should consider investing in a Shealy TENS unit.

Other manufacturers make TENS machines, and many of them offer a full line of products. However, the number one brand in this industry continues to be Shealy TENS. Doctors and physical therapists recommend these products because of their effectiveness and ease of use. In addition, for the cost, these units provide unbelievable value for their size. When you consider all of the benefits associated with a TENS device, you will find that investing in one is well worth the investment.