Top Signs That Tell You to Call a Heating and Cooling Repair Technician

Summer is the season that most kids are looking forward to, for them, this season means playing outdoors for as long as possible; however, summer could be a total burden if you do not have a working air conditioning system.

If your AC is not working, some things are more uncomfortable than a hot and humid Australian summer. Spending days during the warmest part of the year is miserable whether you are a homeowner or a businessman. If you notice a minor problem with your AC unit now, you should get it fixed before it develops into a big problem in the future.

In this article, we will help you identify the signs when you need to call a Top Heating and Cooling Melbourne technician the soonest.


1 – The air that comes out from your unit is not cold.


When you notice that your unit is not emitting cold air, that is a sure sign that you must contact a heating and cooling technician. Warm air may not necessitate a unit replacement. Instead, there is a tendency that it might be just a mechanical or another issue that should be properly checked as soon as possible.


2 – You smell something metallic.


You cannot fully enjoy the comfort a cold air could provide if it smells strange. It is a sign that your wiring might be burning out if you suddenly notice a sharp metallic scent. Also, if you sense a musty or mildew-like odour, possibly, there is a mould growth in your HVAC system. Both issues, when given attention immediately, will not do lasting damage to your system.

However, if you take the problem for granted, you might end up investing in severe mould remediation or if worse comes to worst a replacement. You most likely do not want to spend your hard-earned money on a new AC simply because you pay no attention to the problem.


3 – There’s reduced air output.


Your compressor could be failing also if you have set your air conditioning to the max, but still, the air coming from the vents is weak and warm. Such a problem could come from issues with the ductwork in your system. You might need to spend a great deal in resolving the problem if there are ductwork issues.


4 – You hear all sorts of loud noise emanating from the AC unit.


Properly maintained heating and cooling systems usually generate minimal noises, just like a hum in the background when turned on. However, you might be overdue for a new system when you hear sounds that are grinding, banging, squealing, and grating. A top heating and cooling Melbourne technician could resolve the problem for you quickly if the issues have an easy-to-fix origin.  Do not ever make an effort to fix the problem yourself or else you might end up causing more damage.